Bounce The Bouncer (1997)

Injection Records 00000000001 1997
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Recorded by Antidote at Blauwe Aanslag, Den Haag, 1997. Limited to 100 copies.

Too Late

Well I didn't go home when I should have
The boys and me had a really good laugh
We drank all night till the sunshine came
I went home pissed was completely lame
Now it's monday morning, 7 o'clock
Time to go to work but my head feels like a rock
I can already hear my boss shout at me
Why the fuck did I drink that last can of beer

Another boring day at work
Work hard as a slave still they treat me like a jerk
My boss calls me names cause I ran a little late
Wants to give me less money I'm already underpaid
Now here I am, half past two
Feel like a clown I don't know what to do
My head's still spinning I really need a beer
Fuck work fuck my boss I am out of here

Take a breath what a relief I was going nuts
Now I made the decision I finally had the guts
I can do what I want, no longer a fool
Not ever again will they treat me like a tool
I'm a punkrocker and I'm back alive
No-one will ever take control of my life
It feels great to be out of that shithole
I'm gonna start again I'm gonna sign up on the dole

Who's the racist

Last night I ended in a fight
For a change I was right
They said racist cunt to me
I told them to fuck off
You don't know me so let me be

They kicked me in my bit
We don't like your white shit
I don't like power anyway
Besides it's four to one
Not a fair game you guys play

Today they hit my mate
He ran but was too late
They stabbed him 16 times
Just for no reason
All they want is fight

One Way Or The Other

One way or the other way
Don't give a fuck what people say
One way or the other way
Will we choose or will we follow
Is it they decide we swallow

The way you go to school get a job
The way I dropped out I'm out of luck
Your life lived in security
Our lives the way we want them to be


I was raised by a game computer
A PC as my private tutor
I could learn a whole lot more
My brain used as a fucking whore

When I grew up you know what they said
We're gonna put a chip in your head
We don't need you but your mind instead
Fuck off man I'm better off dead

Brainwash I don't remember how it was
Brainwash you're not gonna chip with us

We're all part of the same machine
I wanna stay me if you know what I mean
Don't want to be part of your barcode system
I want to stay me so I say fuck them


I hate their music
Can't stand their drugs
Stupid morons
I hate their guts

TECHNOCRUST - ain't no punks
TECHNOCRUST - watch 'em fall
TECHNOCRUST - stupid junks
TECHNOPUNX - I hate them all

Never trust a technopunk
Claim to be the next generation of punks
Shortsighted selfish bastards
Not any better than the lowest junks

Bounce the bouncer

Out with the boys on a Friday night
None of us was looking for a fight
But here comes the bouncer this means trouble
I hope he's alone casue I'n not to sure if I see double

Bounce the bouncer
Kick him in the head
Bounce the bouncer
Put him in a hospital bed

Police are everywhere, this isn't fair
What did we do we won't run from you
We are right so we stand strong
we don't care casue we are drunk

This is a warning to all the bouncers
the chorus goes out to you
Don't you mess with the boys or this is what we'll do

People not profits

People not profits
The end of existence
People not profits
Take away the distance
People not profits
Help the poor
Join the resistance
Start a fucking war