Another Dose (2006)

Another Dose back cover
Another Dose front cover
Another Dose back insert
Another Dose back insert

Dirty Faces DF 52 2006
Neuroempire Records 2006
Rodent Popsicle Records RPR #101 2006
SOS Records SOSR-6042 2006
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Recorded by Willy Berrevoets at Avelanche Studio, December 2005


The way you stand in life is bizarre
All your complaining won't get you anywhere
Nothing is good enough for you, you just complain
Your negative attitude will never bring a change

Reject, turn down, say no, look away
A vicious circle of negativity
Nothing is good enough for you, you just complain
You've got to have alternatives to break out anyway


We got rich on their expense
Exploited land and people
Now they need a helping hand
All they had we took away
Now they knock on our door
But we slam it in their face

Why should we stop them
I will not stop them

Nobody wants to be poor
Be on the run for hunger or live a life in war
Do they have to beg us on their knees?
There should always be room for strangers and refugees!

Fed up

There is no more respect for other people these days
Greed is all that matters take as much as you can
I'm fed up with your fucking shit I've had enough

people talk in their own advantage
Everyone is getting selfish, gossip behind my back

Ik kots van Nederland

Nederland ik baal van de manier waarop je denkt
Alles mag en alles kan behalve als jij wordt gekrenkt
Dan heb jij er opeens een hoop vijanden bij
Namelijk iedereen die niet zo denkt als jij

Nederland ik haat je om de dingen die je zegt
Al je stomme meningen zijn je in je mond gelegd
Weg met tolerantie, ook de vrijheid kan gaan
Massahysterie wordt de zin van jouw bestaan

Nederland ik kots van de manier waarop je praat
Je zoekt niet naar een oplossing je zaait alleen maar haat
Dit hypocriete kutland heeft voor mij afgedaan
Zestien miljoen meningen die nergens over gaan

I'm sick of Holland (Ik kots van Nederland)

Holland I'm fed up with the way you think
Anything goes, unless it causes a stink
You're making new enemies every day
Like everyone who doesn't think your way

Holland I hate you for the things you say
All your opinions are spoon-fed anyway
As tolerance and freedom go under the knife
Mass hysteria becomes your way of life

Holland I'm sick of the way you talk
Don't look for solutions, just sow the seeds of hate
Shit hypocrite country has finished me off
16 million opinions on nothing at all

One step forward

We had a squat for over 20 years
So many people put in blood, sweat and tears
We built an alternative for many things in town
But it wasn't conform council rules, so they tore it down

And what has come to replace it all?
Office buildings and a big mall
It's all about business, it turned this city grey
The rat race has taken all colours away

Fuck homophobia

Your best friend told you he was gay
You're narrowminded, said no way!
He is still the same, but you turned the friendship into hate
You reject him, just because he is not straight

Two girls together is alright
Two men in love means a fight
It is affection between two individuals
Stop the hate against homosexuals

What are you afraid of?
Fuck homophobia!

Rebellion of apathy

Nothing left to fight for
Nothing to be won
Stuck in ideas
Of an era long and gone

Artificial batallion
Punk should have set you free
Superficial rebellion
Rebellion in apathy

Still a lot to fight for
Still a whole lot to be won
Open your eyes
Get something done


Je voelt de camera's loeren in je rug
Alleen nog maar vooruit, je kan niet meer terug
Ze houden je in de gaten, filmen alles wat je doet
Het gaat niet meer om wat je mag, het gaat om wat je moet

Ik voel me bekeken ik voel me begluurd
Op elke hoek een camera bij mij in de buurt
Wat is dan de toekomst? wordt alles gecontroleerd?
Voordat ik straks mijn huis uit ga word ik gefouilleerd!

You feel the cameras spying at your back
Move on ahead there's no way back
They keep an eye on you, filming everything
It's not about freedom it's just controlling

I'm being watched by a Peeping Tom
Eyes on every street where I come from
In the future, to minimize the risks
Before I leave the house, will I be frisked?

Disposable generation

Like a puppet without a choice
Drilled for the future working force
Exploited for your capacities
What you possess is what they need

They plug you in and throw you out
They fill you up and they squeeze you out
If you obey we'll make you rich
If you refuse you will be ditched

But what if we don't want to walk that way?
What about what we have to say?
What about our creativity?
No one is unique in this life we are forced to lead!

Laat me met rust

Deze stad is van grijs beton
Arbeiders en junks, ik wou dat ik er tegen kon
Uitzichtloos en levensmoe
Ik weet niet waarheen ik weet niet waar naar toe

Vrienden vragen hoe het met je gaat
Flikker op mijn kop zit vol met haat
Ze hebben het beste met je voor
Ik moet het alleen doen
Ik moet er door

En al die ellende in mijn hoofd
Kansloos dolend, zwaar verdoofd
Egoistisch, in mezelf gekeerd
Het moet eruit, het is verkeerd

Vrienden vragen hoe het met je gaat
Flikker op, mijn kop zit vol met haat
Ze hebben het beste met je voor
Het gaat om mij ik moet er door

Laat me met rust man!

Leave me alone (Laat me met rust)

This city of grey concrete
Workers and junkies, I can't handle it
Got no horizon, tired of it all
I don't know where to go
How's it going? ask my mates
Fuck off, my head is filled with hate
They want the best for me, I know
But I have got to do this alone

And all the suffering in my head
Drifting along, heavily sedated
Self-centered, keeping it inside
Got to let it out cos this ain't right

How's it going? ask my mates
Fuck off, my head is filled with hate
They want the best for me, I know
But I have got to do this alone

Leave me alone!


The drugs go slowly through my veins
Pumped from the heart into my brains
It feels so nice it feels so great
Forget all my problems, no time for hate

I know it is not good for body and soul
But it is so hard to control
I know it is not good for body and soul
I try, I try, I try to control

Speed, coke and xtc
My only escape from reality
Two days later, I feel like shit
I can't remember, give me another hit

Song for the dead

Friday night out with the boys
Drinking and driving wasn't your choice
A traffic light stood in your way
At the age of 34 your life passed away

So your life is beautiful
Go to the hospital for your annual control
They found lung cancer, spread to the bones
Very agressive, only six months to go

Feel some weird things in your head
Call the doctor, it feels so bad
Ten minutes later, a stroke to the head
In a coma, end up dead