Back In Year Zero (2003)

Back In Year Zero front cover
Back In Year Zero back cover
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Back In Year Zero LP orange/brown vinyl side A
Back In Year Zero LP orange/brown vinyl side A

Dirty Faces DF 75/2003
Neuroempire Records 2005
Rodent Popsicle Records RPR #102 2006
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Recorded by Menno Bakker, Bunt Studio Utrecht, 2003

Fuck the media

Politicians buy the media
To cover up their blah blah blah
Truth is always the first casualty
Media controls democracy

With money they get their message on TV
And that is all the people see
The media lost its independency
Money killed democracy


This was settled years ago
Why you bring it up I don't know
You are so bloody stubborn leave me alone
Can't you see I'm watching the show

What the hell is your problem
Oh I guess it is your pride
Everybody sees that you are wrong
Do you really have to fight

Can't you really see that you are wrong
You always jump into offense
Stupid pride you defend
It really doesn't make any sense


All countries of Europe
Together on the road
Well isn't this what Hitler tried
60 years ago
Shove the euro down our throat
Take our borders away
But I don't wanna live in a 2nd USA....NO!

Riot in the city

I'm clicking the remote
But there's nothing on tv
I wanna have some action
So I go out on the streets
People stare at me
They give me angry eyes
I'm the only punk in town
And again I realise

It's quiet in the city
It's quiet in my town
See the people laughing
Cos I'm the only one around

What happened to punk?
People think I am a clown
If there were just a few more punx
They wouldn't stare and frown
I spray "PUNK" on a wall
They won't get me on my knees
I'll show that punk is in this town
A shame the only punk is me....

Today I saw some new punx
How happy can I be
A new generation
The start of a new scene?
We've got to go togehter
I'm sure we'll get along
Now i'm sure that I was right
Punk wil never end

Now there is a riot in the city
Now there is a riot in my town

Live by the rules

I don't wanna live by their rules
So much I can't do it's always no

Don't tell me it's best for us all
Government it's laws it's one big wall

They put control on everything that's going on
This feels like a modern prison
So are you gonna let them have their way and take control of you
Or are you gonna take a stand and not give in say FUCK YOU!

Geen beweging

Komt deze oorlog ooit nog tot een stop
Je zegt je bent bereid te praten
Maar niet voor de ander stopt
Er vallen bommen en granaten
't is een eindeloos gedicht
Na al die jaren oorlog
Nog geen einde in zicht

Er zit geen beweging in
Je gaat over lijken voor je eigen gewin

Hoe krijg je mensen aan het praten
Hoe krijg je mensen bij elkaar
Hoe stop je het eindeloze haten
Hoe krijg je armen om mekaar?
Hoe stop je armoe, stop je honger
Het verschil tussen arm en rijk
Zo lang er niemand open staat
Voor andermans gelijk

Ja gooi die bom dan maar

Stuck to your guns (Geen beweging)

Will this war ever get to an end
You say you're willing to negotiate
but not before the other bends
Bombs and grenades are falling
It's a poem wihtout an end
After all those years of war
There's still no end in sight

You're stuck in this situation
You don't care if people die
As long as you gain for your own good

How do you get people to talk
How do you get people togehter
How do you stop the endless hate
how do you get people around the table
How to stop poverty and hunger
The differences between the rich and the poor
As long as no one is willing
To listen to another

OK go ahead drop that bomb


You say the world is going nowhere
You shout the system's got to fall
Behave like you're a black sheep in the masses
But aren't you a lemming after all?

If you really want to make a difference
Act up and start thinking for yourself
In the end you do just what the masses do
So come on, come out of your shell

You think you are a victim of the system
But you're nothing but a victim of yourself

Rood wit blauw met een bruine rand

Oh verdomme
Wat is hier allemaal aan de hand?
Wat is er gebeurd
Met de tolerantie in Nederland?
Zie rechts opstaan
Marcheer er al maar achteraan
Maar ik, oh ik kies niet
Voor rood wit blauw met een bruine rand

Ik wil gewoon
Shoarma kunnen blijven eten
Ik wil gewoon
Naar de Chinese supermarkt
Ik wil gewoon
Naar de Turkse koffieshop
Ik wil gewoon geen
Rood wit blauw met een bruine rand

Oh verdomme
Waar is ons gezond verstand?
Haal je kop eens uit het zand, want
Hoe kunnen we toestaan
Dat we weer naar de jaren '30 teruggaan
Maar ik blijf rechtop staan en
Marcheer er niet blind achteraan!

Worden straks
de buitenlanders hier geweerd?
Heeft er dan niemand
van de geschiedenis geleerd?
Zijn wij ook niet ooit
et onderdrukte volk geweest
Laat je niet paaien
Je bent zelf de vijand die je vreest

Ik wil gewoon
Shoarma kunnen blijven eten
Ik wil gewoon
Naar de Chinese supermarkt
Ik wil gewoon
Naar de Turkse koffieshop
Ik wil gewoon geen
Rood wit blauw met een bruine rand

Back in year zero

They throw bombs on other countries
And they fight another race
But this world is all we have
It's not a toy that you can waste

So as long as people kill each other
In war or on the chair
People will die innocent
Because no-one can judge fair

My government is a farce

I voted for a better future
But now it's getting clear
If I wanna see things change
I've got to wait at least 4 years

Now clowns rule our country
And it isn't fun for you and me
This is not democracy
But it's the best soap on tv

No talk in terms of solutions
It's just a media blitz
I never voted for a government
That only cares about the rich

New enemy

Again they found a cause
To start a new war
It's a no-win situation
It's just more bombs and frustration

I never could have thought
I'd have to sing these words
They claim to fight for liberation
It's just another dead nation

A new enemy - who's gonna fight for you
A new enemy - who's gonna die for you
A new enemy - who's gonna suffer for you
A new enemy - that I can't see

Negatief agressief

Krijg allemaal een enge ziekte
Sterf een gruwelijke dood
Aan je stompzinnige gezeik
Heb ik een broertje dood

Krijg toch allemaal de tering
Flikker allemaal maar op
Ik heb geen zin in je gezeik
Ik heb wel wat anders aan mijn kop

Zus vind je maar niks en over zo heb je te klagen
Kom dan niet bij mij want aan mij moet je niks vragen
Ik heb het helemaal gehad met je gezeur en je gezever
Ik ben blij om wat ik ben zoals jij wil ik niet leven

Don't let them get away

They dump their oil in the sea, hail the economy
Pollution in the air but they don't care
The choice between economy and ecology
Is easy for them cos money is their referee


You think the world is a bad place
You say you're out of luck
But you just make me wonder
What made you decide to be a

Dropout dropout what you're gonna do about it
Dropout dropout who needs you

Complaining and denying
Your life is a dead end
Too afraid to make some changes
So it stays like this and you will stay a

Dropout dropout what you're gonna do about it
Dropout dropout who needs you

Different worlds

I don't like the feeling of reality
Whenever I don't want it it is chasing me
One moment you're alive, the next you're a machine
So full of energy, it makes me wanna scream

I live in different worlds or so it seems
One is to survive, the other holds my dreams
No matter how I try they just won't mix
But i'm gonna get through i'm gonna get my kicks

I'll live the life, the life I wanna lead
I'll lick my wounds, I will no longer bleed
I'll leave my troubles and worries far behind
No one can take away this state of mind!

Safety in numbers safety in pins
This is where the good times begin