My Life (1999)

front cover of My Life on Charged Records
back cover of My Life on Charged Records
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insert of My Life on Charged Records
My Life green vinyl on Charged Records
My Life green vinyl on Charged Records
My Life black vinyl on Charged Records
My Life black vinyl on Charged Records
My Life picture disc (Dirty Faces)
My Life picture disc (Dirty Faces)

Charged Records 007 1999
Dirty Faces DF 87-LP 2001
Dirty Faces DF 87-CD 2001
Neuroempire Records NERCD 071 2005
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Recorded by Chrissi and Smail at LSD, Berlin, winter 1998

Do you remember

Do you remember the days we used to hang out
Punkrock for life, that's what you said
Then you settled down never saw you again
I still remember those days

Do you remember the days we were in love
We went to every gig around couldn't get enough
then you told me you were sick and tired of punk
Now you get your kicks from discojunk

All wrong

Anarchist fascist why the fuck do you exist
Communist capitalist you're all on the same list
Metal techno it's all the fucking same show
Punkrock disco there's one thing you've got to know

You're all wrong you just care for yourself

Stuck in your views

No matter what I say, you won't listen to me
No matter how I try, you only see what you want to see

You're so stuck in your views
You don't wanna hear my news
We're in the nineties now
You've got to change somehow
You only see the dark side
Does that mean you;re always right?
The 80s were 10 years ago
But you never listen no!

Let's get drunk

1-2-let's get drunk and have a lot of fun
3-4-drink a beer and drink it in the sun
This is what we're into, this is what we'll always do
This is what we're into, and this is what you should do

1-2-3-4-let's go get some more
5-6-7-8-this is why we're always late
Cold beer in the morning, vidka in the afternoon
Red wine to finish and we'll be drunk pretty soon

15 in '77

Ramones and the Dead Boys
And External Menace
Sham 69 Jack and the Rippers
Cockney Rejects
The Damned and The Jam
The Boys and the Upstarts
And what about Menace

I wish I was 15 in 1977

The Users and the Killjoys
Slaughter and the Dogs
Johnny Moped and Panic
Unwanted and The X-ray Spex
The Psychos and the Sick Things
Sex fucking Pistols
The Spiders and The Tits
And what about The Kids

Fuck politics

We're in it for the music
We're in it to get drunk
We're in it for the boys
We're in it for the punks
I really hate people
who talk like fucking priests
I never will adopt their views
I've got my own ideas

Your fury is frustration
Your eyes see not clear
There's different ways to live your life
You should take a look up here
We love to play punkrock
We like to shout out loud
You'd better start a pogo
Fuck politics let's go!

Too Late

Well I didn't go home when I should have
The boys and me had a really good laugh
We drank all night till the sunshine came
I went home pissed was completely lame
Now it's monday morning, 7 o'clock
Time to go to work but my head feels like a rock
I can already hear my boss shout at me
Why the fuck did I drink that last can of beer

Another boring day at work
Work hard as a slave still they treat me like a jerk
My boss calls me names cause I ran a little late
Wants to give me less money I'm already underpaid
Now here I am, half past two
Feel like a clown I don't know what to do
My head's still spinning I really need a beer
Fuck work fuck my boss I am out of here

Take a breath what a relief I was going nuts
Now I made the decision I finally had the guts
I can do what I want, no longer a tool
Not ever again will they treat me like a fool
I'm a punkrocker and I'm back alive
No-one will ever take control of my life
It feels great to be out of that shithole
I'm gonna start again I'm gonna sign up on the dole

Rat Race

Mobile phones and fast cars
Fax machines and credit cards
Internet and fastfood meals
Airmiles and business deals

Don't wanna be part of your rat race

Space shuttles cybersex
Skyscrapers IMF
Stock martket concrete cities
Non-stop economy


You live your life automatically
A day of work and TV
The bank gave you a guarantee
you live your life no worries

You don't care the world's a mess
Tune in and see your football match
Why care about the misery
In two weeks you've got your holidays

Tell your wife the cooking's fine
Think your life is quite alright
Tell the kids to shut their mouth
You're just a family in the crowd

This is me

See a mohawk or a shaved head
You look away scared to death
Big black boots not classy ties
We don't wanna look that nice

Punks and skins a big disgrace
You think you see a criminal's face
Smelly scumbags on the dole
We're not gonna fit in your role

Anti-social and irresponsible
A way of life which is undesirable
Fuck them and their prejudice
They don't know what real freedom is

This is me this is what I say
And I won't look the other way

Fuck you

Police asked for my ID
But I forgot to take it with me
I told them to go to hell
Now here I am in a police cell
Another hour another day
But it felt so fucking good to say FUCK YOU!

On my way through a dark alley
As boneheads start surrounding me
I kick the big one in the head
Now here I am in a hospital bed
Another hour another day
But it felt so fucking good to say FUCK YOU!

12. I don't care

I don't care about no human rights
I don't care wether it's day or night
Don't give a fuck about your unity
I don't care what you think of me

I don't care about the rich or the poor
I don't care if they start another war
Don't give a fuck about this government
I don't care about the environment

Punkrock for sale

Punkrock in the supermarket
See punkrock on TV If that's what you call punk
You're not talking about me
Commercialize our music
Sell out our ideas
Give up all the morals
To me the game's for real
Big labels ain't for punkrock
Moeny is their only goal
You cannot sell a way of life
you cannot sell my soul

Waste of time

I got arrested by the police
And now I'm waiting for my release
I got no time for this I really gotta go
The pigs are telling me no!

My girlfriend argues me into a fight
all the tings I do I can't do right
Questions and answers I don't know
I got no time for this I really gotta go

15. Live fast die old

I need some action in my life
The only way I can survive
I will not run I will not hide
I see life from the bright side
I need some fun I need some laughs
Otherwise I'm living half
I want to enjoy my life
Cause I'm too young to fucking die!

Live fast stay young
Live fast die old

When I take a look at you
You hang around don't know what to do
You say your life's a fucking bore
It's all the same you don't want more
I cannot sit around and wait
Life is short I'm running late
So many things I wanna do
I'm not gonna end up like YOU!

Senseless violence

Wrong place in the wrong time
A friend of mine got beaten up
They broke his nose and broke his jaw
He didn't know about the football match
Now his face is a fucking mess

Wrong place at the wrong time
Everything is an excuse
For their martial arts abuse
Don't care about the way you look
They just want to beat you up

I've had enough of fights
I've had enough of all this senseless violence


Money is made to spend
Howcome I don't own a single cent
Money is my most hated friend
All I pay is the fucking rent
Stupid bills is all they send
Better make sure you have rich friends

My life

Always drunk and always high
That's the way I wanna die
My hair dyes red and funny clothes
Just the way I like it most
not a single day that I am clean
I'll never wash my torn jeans
and I'm always in the need for money
Afraid I'll never get a honey
Never things that I can buy
It takes too much dope to get me high
Getting drunk gives me a thrill
Afraid I can not pay the bill
People neglect tme
They act overreacted
I skrew them and thats by the way
Why I'm losing friends day by day

Let's get back to punk

20 years of punk now
Tell me what we've got
Politics got us nowhere
We haven't got a lot
For us it is the music
the energy and fun
the spirit of '77
that's where it began

I like you

Hey I like you
And what you're gonna do
Stop get back here
I wanna be with you